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The perfection of a hotel with infinity pool in Tenerife

It is the small details that define the quality of your holiday. Looking out over the Atlantic Ocean is possible in our hotel with infinity pool in Tenerife. Find out more about Landmar Playa de la Arena.

An ideal destination, a comfortable journey, a nice room, good weather on the days of your visit, etc. These are some of the basic concepts that we ask of our holidays, but what really define an unforgettable trip are the small details that you will always remember. Staying in a hotel with infinity pool in Tenerife is possible with Landmar hotels and can make all the difference.

One of the main attractions of our islands is the sea, the possibility we have to enjoy it from the steep points of our orography makes it possible for infinity pools to have a special beauty on our island. A unique view of the ocean. Tenerife and the Canary Islands have unrepeatable landscapes, one of which is in the municipality of Los Gigantes, where we are lucky enough to be located.

This is what we at Landmar Hotels thought when we looked at the possibilities offered by the location of our hotel. We could not pass up the opportunity to offer our guests a unique experience, an incomparable sensation that they would remember when they returned to their places of origin. That detail that we mentioned at the beginning of this text and that makes the difference between a good holiday and a special holiday.

Platinum club

Platinum club is an experience that we have prepared for the most demanding, looking for exclusivity and personalised service we have created an area of unique spaces for the enjoyment of visitors who want to take advantage of these services.

One of the most outstanding is our infinity pool area. We have 1450m2 with a modern and contemporary design where you can relax alone or in company, as long as you are over 16 years old. From the infinity pool there are spectacular views of the island of La Gomera and the coast of Tenerife. In the same area there are sunbeds and a hydromassage. In addition, we have added The View Snack Bar, with superior food service, and the service of sweet and savoury snacks, fruits and yogurt non-stop, as well as premium-brand beverages and soft drinks. From 10:00h to 18:00h try the exclusivity of Landmar Playa de la Arena and feel how you dive into the sea while you are in the comfort of your hotel.

Infinity Pools around the world

And as the Landmar team cannot stop being curious about the subjects we are passionate about, we have looked for a number of curiosities about the most spectacular infinity pools in the world.

Did you know that the highest on the planet is 294 metres high? It is three times higher than the Statue of Liberty. Obviously, it is located in Dubai, at the Address Beach Resort hotel. In the United Arab Emirates, they specialise in this type of pharaonic construction.

In London, they have also opted for this type of construction and are the first place in the world to house an inifinity pool 360 in the world. In a 55-storey skyscraper you will find this architectural marvel that allows you to see a large part of the British city.

And if you’re a nature lover, you have the chance to stand 914 metres above sea level while you take a nice 34-degree dip in the Swiss Villa Honegg hotel. This infinity pool is defined by its unrepeatable beauty in the midst of the mountains and the cold.

Of many types, infinity pools are special. We are waiting for you at Landmar Playa de la Arena to enjoy ours.

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