The best hotels with pool slides in Tenerife.

How can a family holiday not include a bit of fun and adventure? The youngest members of the family love to imitate us and we like to leave our responsibilities behind, disconnect and behave like children when we go on holiday. That is why we will make it easy for you to find the best hotels with pool slides in Tenerife. Dive in with us and join the fun!

Landmar Hotels is the perfect place for the whole family, with activities for children and adults and plenty of time for you to enjoy your personal space. If you are the kind of person who likes leisure and interactive activities, we are your perfect destination. Plus, if you like water activities, here is some information about our water slides.

Landmar Hotels has two establishments on the island of Tenerife, both of which have pool slides and are in the southern part of the island. At Landmar Costa Los Gigantes you will find a family-friendly atmosphere with activities for all ages, and at Landmar Playa de la Arena you will enjoy a unique experience in an unforgettable setting with plenty of time for fun.

Our hotels with slides in Tenerife

Landmar Costa Los Gigantes

A multi-adventure circuit, mini golf, multisports court, children’s playground, water park and endless activities for children and adults is what you’ll find at Landmar Costa Los Gigantes. All this topped off with an awesome slide that is 5.5 metres high and 50 metres long – the perfect way to make your adrenalin spike during your relaxing holidays in paradise.

But don’t worry, not everything involves movement. Lounging on our Bali beds, relaxing in our spa’s circuit or enjoying the 6 available pools while you sip a cocktail are all equally good ways of spending your days off.

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Landmar Playa de la Arena

The peace and tranquillity of watching the sunset from Landmar Playa de la Arena is not at odds with having fun. We have a 6-metre-high and 50-metre-long slide to get your heart rate up before plunging into the pool. Children will have a great time and, honestly, so will adults.

Don’t forget that you can sign up to other sports activities at our hotel, as we have a gym, mini golf, shooting gallery and pétanque court. Activities for all ages that will turn your family holiday into an unforgettable experience.

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Slides around the world

If you love water activities, you should read this article about the most impressive hotels in the world with water parks inside them. The Bahamas, Orlando, Egypt, Tunisia and Hawaii are all on this list of destinations for adrenalin junkies. Underwater slides with sharks, high-speed slides that are 27 metres high and many more surprises.

What’s more, when you get to Tenerife you can visit one of the best water parks in the world, Siam Park, which has incredible attractions set in the mystical kingdom of Siam. A must for all tourists visiting our island.

Remember, the perfect combination of tranquillity and excitement can be found at Landmar Hotels. See you at the top of the slide.

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  • More than 80,000m2 just for you 2 hotels for you to enjoy more than anyone else

  • Relaxing is a must Free spa circuit

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