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Meet Landi!

Landmar Hotels
I am a resident in the Canary Islands

Hi! I’m Landi.

Are you coming to
Landmar Costa Los Gigantes?

Come on! I can’t wait to play with you.

I’m a turtle who loves making lots of friends and having a great time with all the kids who come to this hotel to have fun.

Landmar Hotels

I really like water, especially the sea.

I was born in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, next to the Canary Islands and I loved swimming for miles and miles. Then one day I came to this beautiful beach in Puerto de Santiago.

I liked La Arena beach so much, that I started walking until I found my new home: Landmar Costa Los Gigantes

Landmar Hotels
Landmar Hotels
Landmar Hotels

Here there is always sun, sea, sand, swimming pool, games, children… everything I love to play with!

Like all children, I love playing, but what I like the most is…


Landmar Hotels

Also, we must protect the environment.

I like protecting the oceans and keeping them clean.

That’s why I love teaching my friends how to recycle, the colours of each trash can so they can learn them, how not to throw plastic or trash into the sea… And many other things!

Landmar Hotels
Landmar Hotels

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