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The magic of the island is hidden in the sunset of Playa de la Arena

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Playa de la Arena sunset

Feel the glow of the best sunset in Playa de la Arena. One of the most beautiful spots in Tenerife has a great surprise before nightfall, the horizon becomes a fantasy for your senses.

Juanes already said in one of his songs that the skin has the colour of a red sunset, that magical sparkle in which negative thoughts disappear and we forget routine chores and obligations. There are 365 sunsets in a year, and in Playa de la Arena none of them are wasted.

Chasing the best sunsets is an age-old desire of travellers, explorers and tourists. There are many who, in the evening, look for the best west-facing position to watch the sun go down. A routine, measured and calculated process that becomes beautiful in itself and different in all its essence. No two sunsets are the same, no two people see the sunset in the same way.

sunset of playa de la arena

Playa de la Arena

This magical place is located in the west of Tenerife, in the municipality of Santiago del Teide, where two of the Landmar Hotels establishments are located. We could not have chosen a better location to enjoy sunsets, sunrises and the remaining twenty-three and a half hours of the day.

A privileged climate with ideal temperatures all year round and low wind intensity allows you to enjoy outdoor activities such as this. You can lie in the sun all day long on a Blue Flag beach and then watch the sun go down from the sand or from the lush facilities of our hotels.

sunset Tenerife

The best sunsets in the world

One thing is clear to us, we have absolutely nothing to envy to the best sunsets rated by experts, travellers and magazines. We are unique and unrepeatable on our island and you will never regret watching the sunset in our southern municipality. We are going to review some of the most outstanding ones, in case you are curious and passionate about travelling the world. 

  • Angkor Wat (Cambodia). This group of Hindu temples is home to one of the most beautiful twilights on the planet. The sun sets and the sinuous shapes are reflected in one of the lakes in the area. Oriental magic to seduce the most demanding travellers. 
  • Cable Beach (Australia). With the Indian Ocean as a backdrop we can watch the sunset from the Australian beaches. In the northwest of this island continent you will find this 25 km long stretch of land where the mixture of colours between sky, sea and land will impress you. 
  • Santorini (Greece). Among the white and blue houses that adorn this Mediterranean island is the ancient power of the sun. Experts say that the beach of Oia can be the key to a unique sunset experience. 
  • Svaldbard (Norway): What if the sun never disappears? The midnight sun is a phenomenon unique to the polar regions due to their location. During the summer period, the sun does not set for months and sits beautifully on the horizon for several hours. This is a different kind of sunset. 
  • Granada (Spain). A little closer than we expect is the San Nicolás viewpoint. With the majestic Alhambra in the background, the sun sets in one of the most beautiful images to be seen in Spain.

The least important thing is the place, what is really important is the company with which you enjoy this continuous wonder of nature. At Landmar Hotels we will be delighted to experience a thousand sunsets with you.

sunset playa de la arena

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