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Summer is over, back to school is here

By | 30 August, 2021 | 0 comments

back to school

We have unexpected news; summer is slowly drawing to a close and we must prepare for the return to school. Some will be happy to be back to school and back to work and others will be disappointed to see an unforgettable summer come to an end.

As every September, it is time to face the back to school and the return to the usual routine. The children go back to school and for us adults it’s time to be aware and get back to our day-to-day activities. At Landmar Hotels we take life with a positive philosophy and we are going to give you plenty of tips and options to enjoy the ninth month of the year. Fun only ends when you want it to end.

There is one factor we can’t fail to remind you of, September is a fantastic month to visit Tenerife. The luck we have to live in a paradise with a privileged climate allows us to enjoy pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunshine. In other places the temperatures start to drop. We are fortunate to live in an eternal summer.

On an island with far fewer tourists, it is an ideal opportunity to get to know the most hidden corners and to carry out tourist activities with more peace and quiet.

back to School

Tips for back to school

We change the subject and we refer to those who will inevitably start their normal life in a few days,we can help with a few simple tips to overcome those first days of adaptation to everyday life.

  • It is essential that we gradually get back to our normal timetable, don’t leave it until the last day to get up early suddenly. Both we and the children must gradually change the way we sleep. When the day comes to get up at early hours of the morning, we will be grateful for it. No more going to the hotel buffet for breakfast at 10:00 am.
  • The adaptation period may last a few weeks, it is time to be understanding with the children and with ourselves. We may find ourselves feeling down for a few days or lacking energy when we wake up, this is normal. Little by little we will adapt our routine in a natural way.
  • It is important that we preserve the bonds we have created during the holidays with our children. We need to spend time doing activities together and creating fun moments. We cannot go from the holiday rainbow to boredom. In our family context there are many ways to have a good time, we just have to find the time to do it.
  • Organisation is essential. Books, backpacks, materials, calendars, extracurricular timetables, etc. There are many things we have to take into account for our children’s day-to-day lives. And then there are our own things, meetings, reports, timetables, etc. An endless number of elements that we cannot leave to the last day.
  • Someone will have to be the one to bring willpower to the family. Motivation is very important to achieve goals and happiness. Take advantage of having read this text and use the advice we have given you to motivate and guide your family.

back to school tips

Landmar solution

Our favourite solution to avoid holiday blues and back to school stress is to start booking your next holiday. Organise your trip to Tenerife and your accommodation at Landmar Hotels with the best prices and being very proactive. 

We are sure that this will be a huge energy boost, it is always good to have goals on the horizon to strengthen our spirits. We will be delighted to welcome you in any of our hotels, remember that if you come with the family we recommend you to visit Landmar Costa Los Gigantes. You will have a great time and discover activities and facilities ideal for the whole family. 

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