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A movie stars sky, stargazing excursions in Tenerife

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We don´t want to boast, but the Canary Islands have one of the clearest and most spectacular skies on the planet. It is a world reference point for stargazing. Today we are going to find out about the best stargazing excursions in Tenerife.

It was 2014 when the Starlight Foundation awarded the Teide sky the Starlight certification in the category of Tourist Destination, making the Teide National Park the first World Heritage Site to be designated as a “Starlight Destination”. The luminosity of our skies was finally recognised by the international tourism community as another element of our natural beauty. Many visitors are looking for activities and excursions to see the stars in Tenerife.

The highest points of the island offer the best places for celestial observation. From our peaks it is possible to observe 83 of the 88 constellations that can be seen from Earth. Undoubtedly, a special place full of magic, far from light pollution.

Because of this we have one of the most powerful solar telescopes in the world and we are a reference in this scientific area. Since 1964 we have successfully explored the sky and its elements. It’s your turn, it’s your turn to chase the stars.

Observable events in Tenerife

As we pointed out before, the observable spectrum from our region is enormous. Some of the most relevant phenomena we can see are related to meteor showers.

Although almost every month we have some phenomenon of this type, the most noteworthy are three: the Geminids, the Quadrantids and the Perseids. The first two are winter events, while the Perseids can be seen precisely during these days in August. The ones known as the Tears of Saint Lawrence have their highest visibility in the next few weeks, so if you are reading this, what are you waiting for to make your plan to see them?

Other elements that can be seen more clearly during the summer months are the Milky Way and the Summer Triangle. An endless number of opportunities to enjoy the Tenerife sky from the knowledge for the experts or from the beauty for the neophytes.

Excursions to see the stars in Tenerife

There are many companies that offer fantastic options for stargazing on our island. We are going to give you a few references so that you can investigate and take advantage of the one that best suits you.

Volcano Teide Experience is one of the possibilities you have when choosing excursions. There are many options for enjoying the sky over the islands. With state-of-the-art professional telescopes you will learn to discover planets and constellations, to orientate yourself like the old sailors or to discover the secrets hidden by the moon. You also have the option of visiting the Teide observatory.

Another option is the “Teide under the stars”, organised by the company El Cardón, where, accompanied by a hiking route, you will gradually discover the different constellations with the help of a specialist guide. A way of getting to know the sky in movement.

Discover Experience gives you the opportunity to privately and exclusively observe both the dark sky and the impressive lunar geography. Thanks to its high-end telescopes you can get a close-up view of the cosmos and our neighbours in the solar system.

Landmar hotels are located just over 30 kilometres from the Teide National Park. In about 30 to 40 minutes you can reach the best observation point of the whole island and go on the stargazing excursions in Tenerife that most appeal to you. We hope you decide to stay in our hotels, where the real star is you.



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