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“Paragliding in Tenerife; the risk of falling in love at high altitude”.

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Tirarse en parapente en Tenerife

We are all aware of the great possibilities for outdoor activities that the island of Tenerife has to offer. It is a wonderful place to try out alternatives in nature and practice sports that we have probably never tried before.

The desire to fly has been one of the most long-standing and intrinsic longings of human beings. We have always envied the birds and paragliding in Tenerife is a perfect alternative to feel the air in our faces and spread our wings, metaphorically speaking.

To enjoy this activity we must do it with the best professionals on the island. Many companies are dedicated to this activity in our archipelago due to the favourable orography and the great panoramic views that can be seen on the island. A perfect climate during most of the year also has a positive influence on making this an ideal destination for paragliding.

Our first flight must be in tandem format, our instructor will teach us the basics of the activity and we will focus on enjoying the views, the scenery and the fresh air. A safe and effective way of not encountering any problems while we are in the air.

If this first experience turns out to be positive, we can start to think about dedicating more time to this activity as a hobby. There are many courses to learn to fly alone. Do you dare to fly?

Tirarse en parapente en Tenerife

Best places to do paragliding in Tenerife

We are going to highlight six areas of the island of Tenerife where we can enjoy this wonderful sport and have privileged views of different areas of our land.

Izaña on its northern or southern slope

The Izaña take-off is located between kilometre 33 and 34 of the TF-24 road. There are almost 2,300 metres of altitude difference before landing on the coast of Puerto de la Cruz or Güímar. The glide is one of the biggest in Europe in terms of height difference and has a spectacular panoramic view of the Teide. Remember that this is an area of variable weather and you should check the forecast for a safe flight.

Ifonche – Vilaflor

In this area in the south of the island, take-off is at an altitude of about 1000 metres. Landing is usually at La Playa de la Caleta in the winter months. An ideal place when the wind comes from the southwest and northwest. Let’s fly!

La Corona

This take-off platform is one of the most used in the north of the island. It is located in the municipality of Los Realejos and the view of the Orotava Valley will leave you open-mouthed. The altitude is about 765 metres above sea level and the landing is at the Socorro beach or at the Finca Los Quintos.

Fasnia Volcano

In the southeast of the island you will find this place with a striking name. Would you risk jumping from the top of a volcano? It’s a 400-metre drop to land at the base of the mountain.


The Taucho area is located in the southern municipality of Adeje. With an altitude of 760 metres and a large take-off area you will end up landing on the Taucho-Armeñime esplanade or on the Playa de la Caleta. The south or west wind will be perfect for the experience.

Güímar hillside

In the municipality of the same name you will find this natural area where you can take a bird’s eye view of the valley. 725 metres above sea level to reach the beach of El Puertito.

These are some of the companies that can help you to fulfil your dream: Ibrafly , Overfly Tenerife o Parapente Canarias.

Tirarse en parapente en Tenerife

Hotels for adventurers

Landmar Hotels is the perfect place to stay on your visit to the island. Many of the key attractions are within walking distance of Landmar Los Gigantes and Landmar Playa de la Arena. In addition, our staff will be happy to help you with any recreational activities you may be interested in, including paragliding, whale watching, kayaking and many others

Adventurer, you are welcome to join us!


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