Best hotels with waterparks in tenerife

Holidays with the little ones can be wonderful, an endless number of memories in which to see their smiles. For this reason, the best option is to choose the best hotels with waterparks in Tenerife.

Do you have a holiday full of calm and tranquillity while lying in the hammock by the pool of your hotel or do you have small children?

This little joke serves to illustrate perfectly the earthquake and the energy that our children, nephews, nieces or grandchildren have. For them to have a complete holiday you must choose a hotel that offers guaranteed fun. This will be for us absolute, complete and total happiness.

A privileged climate and guaranteed sunshine all year round mean that water activities are particularly important for entertainment: Dad, let’s go to the pool! Mum, watch me jump into the water! Our children are the first to appreciate the value of a good swimming pool and an entertaining and complete programme of fun activities.

Landmar and water activities

Landmar Costa Los Gigantes

Tenerife’s hotels offer a wide variety of activities to ensure that family holidays are fondly remembered. At Landmar Hotels they love water fun, especially at Landmar Costa Los Gigantes. In the resort you can find a magnificent slide five and a half metres high and fifty metres long, as we have already told you in another of our posts.. We also have a water park with a multitude of activities for the youngest members of the family.

Take a dip or relax in the hammock while the children have a great time playing in maximum safety and in a protected environment.

If this is not enough and your children prefer activities without water, we have a children’s playground, mini-golf, multi-adventure circuit, sports courts and a fantastic entertainment team that will coordinate everything that involves laughter, competition and fun.

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Landmar Playa de la Arena

Although this hotel is aimed at a more adult type of public, it is not exempt from good vibes and places where children can have fun. Another of our famous water slides can be found here, so don’t hesitate to take the plunge.

We also have swimming pools for the whole family and sports activities to have a good time with all the members of our group, whatever their age. You can play a match of tennis, try your hand at archery or teach your children to play the classic game of boules.

It’s up to you to choose the destination for the whole family to have the best experience. If you haven’t planned your summer holidays yet, click here and book with us.

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Siam Park

And if you are a true lover of waterparks, on our island and just a few kilometres from Landmar Costa Los Gigantes and Landmar Playa de la Arena we have the best in the world. An authentic architectural marvel with Asian influences that has received a multitude of international awards. A must on your tourist trip around our island.

If you are brave enough, you can take on the biggest artificial wave in the world, a 28-metre-high slide that goes through an aquarium with crocodiles, and 15 other attractions for all ages. A unique world for family fun.

An endless number of alternatives to have fun inside and outside the facilities. Remember to book at the best hotels with waterpark in Tenerife, Landmar Hotels.

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